Oliver Lenain

Major Project - Brave. New. Fashion.

Brave. New. Fashion. is a website-based magazine highliting what is happening in today’s fashion industry and how its future may be influenced by new technology and the increasing desire for sustainability.



I chose to produce a visual dissertation in the form of a book, with an accompanying narrative of approximately 4,000 words.

I wanted to explore and discover how much technology has changed graphic design and its designers, whilst also questioning our current educational interpretation of graphic design in relation to the multi-disciplinary knowledge required of today’s design student.

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Colophon Live Brief - Specimen+

For this brief we were asked to create an extended type specimen catalogue for one specific Colophon font family.

From the provided font familys I decided to develop a type specimen for Space Mono

The Degree Show

Brand identity for Ravensbourne’s Degree Show 2017

Art Direction & Concept
Oliver Lenain, Joshua Burgess, Jordan To

Graphic Design
Oliver Lenain

Reconstructing the News

Did the News finally break?

A feature article relating to the largest data breaches, that fills a large two-page spread with at least one data visualisation clarifying complex matters to a reader. Printed in 1 or 2 colour(s) on Riso.

Power of the Poster

A live brief set by the IOP (Institute of Physics). The brief asked us to to communicate a powerful message about gender imbalance and subject/career choice to school children, aged 14–16, both male and female.

A Recipe For__

This was the final brief of my first year at University. We were given the task of designing a recipe that instead of using large amounts of text to communicate the process we had to use simple pictograms to convey the message.

A Sound Identity

For this brief we were assigned the task of developing a visual identity for a music festival in the form of a responsive one-page site created within Adobe Muse.