Oliver Lenain — Graphic Designer. Currently Digital Design at Plum. Past work includes branding, digital products & experiences at Territory Projects. I studied Graphic Design at Ravensbourne University & currently live in London.

About Me

Territory Projects - Web Design


During my time at Territory Projects, I was involved with the development of their website, working with the site developers on asset creation and the home screen showreel.

Major Project


Brave. New. Fashion. is a website-based magazine highlighting what is happening in today’s fashion industry and how its future may be influenced by new technology and the increasing desire for sustainability.



Dissertation from my final year at Ravensbourne. 

We were given the option to produce either a written or practice-based dissertation which showed our ability to research and express our thoughts and findings on our chosen subject.

I chose to produce a visual dissertation in the form of a book, with an accompanying narrative of approximately 4,000 words.



Colophon Live Brief - Specimen+

For this brief we were asked to create an extended type specimen catalogue for one specific Colophon font family.

From the provided font familes I decided to develop a type specimen for Space Mono

The Degree Show


Brand identity for Ravensbourne’s Degree Show 2017

Watch the interview here 

Art Direction & Concept
Oliver Lenain, Joshua Burgess, Jordan To

Graphic Design
Oliver Lenain

Olivier Rousteing - Monograph


Brief: To create a monograph about a product designer, fashion designer or an architect.

Outcome: I studied Olivier Rousteing as my designer. I have always had a stong interest in fashion and so I felt inspired to create a book that explores the career of such a talented young designer.